Choose breach reporting process
ENISA maintains CIRAS, the Cybersecurity Incident Reporting and Analysis System, to support the MS in submitting incident reports. If you have an account for CIRAS and want to enter new cybersecurity incident reports, then choose the relevant breach reporting process below to access your country page in CIRAS. If you do not have a CIRAS account and want to see EU-wide aggregated data about cybersecurity incidents, then use the visualization tool below. If you have trouble accessing CIRAS with your account, or if you want to get an account, please contact us.
CIRAS Supervision Tool
CIRAS Supervision Tool Screenshot

ENISA offers an online tool to facilitate the gathering of the technical supervision details per sector, per country. The tool gives access to information regarding

  • the competent authorities with details about their competences in the sector
  • the services in scope, estimate number of companies in scope
  • the incident reporting thresholds
  • the type of security requirements in place